Path to Agreement Professional Selling

Program Overview

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People who work on commission… anyone who would like to become a highly paid salesperson… and business owners and aspiring business owners who want to create a thriving enterprise.

Sales is the highest paid profession in the world. However, most salespeople don’t understand that selling is all in the mind.

In Path to Agreement, you’ll discover a proven six-step mental process anyone can use to earn any amount they want. It shows you that selling is not talking to people about a product or service. It’s not being pushy, aggressive, or competitive. It’s not one person winning and the other losing.

Professional selling is a win-win proposition. It’s leading a prospect down a path of agreement. It’s finding out something they want, mixing it with something you have and then giving it back to them.

Bob Proctor has used this remarkable process to generate hundreds of millions dollars in sales. And now, for the first time, he is sharing it in a way that anyone can follow to dramatically improve their sales ability.

If you want an empathetic process for true selling success, Path to Agreement is for you.

Product Features 

Path to Agreement Professional Selling is a digital download that you can easily download to your computer, or mobile device and access at any time that is convenient for you. The program includes:

  • 3-Hour Webinar
  • 28-Page Digital Path to Agreement Professional Selling Workbook

Path to Agreement Professional Selling